5 ideas to steal from Americans for Thanksgiving

5 ideas to steal from Americans for Thanksgiving

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Across the Atlantic, Americans are all preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. From New York to San Francisco, we refine our decor on the table, we stage our house and we look for the best stuffed turkey recipes. What good ideas to borrow without delay to make this month of November warm and festive!

The happiness of a beautiful table

Family reunion at the end of November

For millions of Americans, Thanskgiving dinner is one of the most important holidays of the year. We note more air traffic during this period than at Christmas! If Christians thank God for all the happiness received, Thanksgiving is also a commemoration of the help brought by the Indian tribes during the arrival of the first migrants, who would not have survived without the generosity of the natives. One month before Christmas, this opportunity to reunite with the family is much appreciated, at a time that is rather favorable for winter depression. What if we too organized a big family dinner at the end of November? Anyway, it's raining outside, so spend the day preparing good autumn dishes to make your loved ones happy, right?

A beautiful fall meal to share with those we love

Decorate the house with squash

For Thanksgiving, the Americans who receive their families decorate their homes with as much energy and creativity as at Christmas. Omnipresent in their compositions, the squashes celebrate the generosity of nature in autumn while recalling that the first pilgrims would certainly have succumbed to scurvy without them. In the house, these very simple decorations have the most beautiful effect. Depending on your desires, you display beautiful orange squash, decorative coloquints or pristine white patties. Simply placed in series of three on a shelf or staged on a tray with a few branches of ivy and pine cones, the result is always stunning! Our 10 decorative ideas around the pumpkin

As simple as it is beautiful!

Put autumn bouquets everywhere

While Christmas is the holiday of winter, Thanksgiving is the holiday of fall. We take the opportunity to decorate its interior with large bouquets of branches that bring nature into the house. At this time of the year, we especially fall for bouquets of eucalyptus or red ilex, which last very long in a vase. We also like the physallis, the bouquets of dead leaves, and all the flowers with orange and golden hues that recall the beauty of the forest in November. 5 simple bouquets to celebrate fall

Autumn leaves or red ilex?

Create your decorations yourself

As the autumn evenings are already long, we take advantage of them to tinker with original decorations that will delight our guests, for Thanksgiving or for the next dinner with friends. Not only do you relax by doing a manual activity instead of falling asleep in front of the TV, but you also decorate your home without spending anything. The proof with these funny candle jars made with old cheese graters placed on a tray. Thank you Americans! 10 fall decorations to do with (or without) the kids

Few means, a lot of creativity!

Rediscovering traditional American recipes

Finally, Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without its traditional stuffed turkey, which the first Europeans discovered when they arrived in the New World. It is tasted with a delicious cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and a sweet potato puree. For dessert, we usually serve a pumpkin pie that little Americans love. Unavoidable on the fourth Thursday in November, these tasty and invigorating recipes deserve to be rediscovered by gastronomes on this side of the Atlantic. How about testing them this year for Thanksgiving?

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