4 DIY ideas to hang a beautiful Christmas wreath on your door!

4 DIY ideas to hang a beautiful Christmas wreath on your door!

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What could be more welcoming than a pretty Christmas wreath, on a door, during the holidays? If you did it, you will be all the more proud of it! To get your fill of inspiration, we suggest 4 ideas to create your own crown: plant, fabric, wool, recycled cardboard… All you have to do is create with your personal touch!

The basis of your Christmas wreath

Whatever theme you choose for your Christmas wreath, you will need a base. Everything will depend on what you have on hand, and the type of crown you want to compose! -A vegetable base: We use ivy or branches to make the basic structure in the form of a loop, knotting, braiding or twisting them together. You can keep it using string, or again branches of ivy. -A wire base: Create a round wire, easy to make. You just have to invest in a colored thread or not, depending on your taste. Leave it as a single thread, or braid it. In the latter case, you can either braid tight, to make a nice regular base if it is visible, or make a loose braid to be able to easily insert elements. -A cardboard base: You can make your Christmas wreath from recovered cardboard, or card stock. Take two plates of different sizes. Start by drawing the outline of the smallest in the center of your cardboard, then the outline of the second, centering it in relation to the first circle. And cut out the inside of the little one. -A base already ready: You can easily find them in DIY stores or creative hobbies: straw, wood, polystyrene and even artificial fir… there is something for all tastes and all prices. These crowns are very practical, especially if you have a lot of items to hang on them. Make way for the decor!

All kinds of bases for your Christmas wreath are already available in store, to facilitate your creative hobbies, take advantage!

A plant crown

Traditionally, it was customary to offer at the time of Advent a wreath composed of branches of holly and red Christmas berries, to which were added four candles, representing the four cardinal points, and which were lit during the day of Christmas. Why not take inspiration from this beautiful tradition by revisiting it? Choose preferably the vegetable base, to have a 100% natural crown! Then comes the decoration phase: hang your raw materials recovered from nature (leaves, pine cones, holly, chestnuts, moss, etc.). If you have a lot of small parts, consider a handy glue gun. Add Christmas balls and small decorations, fresh flowers, cinnamon sticks or dried fruit. And why not a few LED candles for a nod to tradition? A light garland will do the trick! Finally, you can finalize by spraying white snow or gold paint to perfect the set according to the theme of your Christmas decor. You can also add glitter ... or not. Make it to your taste!

An arrangement of simple and natural materials for this crown enhanced with gold and glitter for the "Christmas" touch. Very well done !

A paper crown

For a pretty paper crown, you will need a structural base: either wire, or a polystyrene crown. But you can also bet on a 100% paper crown and create a base with card stock. Then unearth on the Internet models for the decorations that you are going to stick / staple on: it can be false sheets of paper, which you accumulate in layers all around like a real crown, or flowers, rosettes… You can add balls colored paper, pearls or cotton. Choose papers of two or three colors and think of glittery or shiny papers. It's Christmas, we can have a lot of fun!

Working on paper is always poetic, and the result for this beautiful Christmas wreath is stunning!

A woolen crown

Here is a very original and seasonal Christmas wreath: the wool warms up! You have several possibilities there again: wrap a polystyrene crown of woolen threads, playing on gradations of colors for example, or make a 100% pompom crown that you assemble on the base. The advantage is that you can easily do this as a family. Kids love making pompoms! For the pompoms effect to be successful, we suggest adding other elements: Christmas decorations for example (balls or stars as on the suggestion below) or pretty ribbons, little fluff, which you will stick with a glue gun or tie with pieces of colored wool! Finally, note that there are commercially available kits to make pompoms very easily (“pompon maker”): time saving very appreciated and they are stronger than the pieces of cardboard that are often used!

Like an air of Snow Queen with this pretty crown in white and blue wool pompoms, and silver Christmas decorations!

A fabric crown

Do you have many unusual fabric scraps or t-shirts to recycle? Perfect, it's time to use it for a home made crown. Take a wire base and cut (or tear for a more DIY effect) strips of fabric about 14 cm by 2 cm. Then just tie them, one by one with a tight knot around the wire. Accumulate as much as possible to hide the metal. Once the operation is finished, shake the crown a little to give it volume. Finally, with a pair of scissors, cut the stubborn threads. Do not hesitate to hang buttons, ribbons, decorations on your tree, a Christmas star ... in the center of the fabric wreath ... for that extra touch!

Pretty pieces of fabric or torn and knotted ribbons to make a Christmas wreath in original and recyclable fabric!


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