8 accessories that make you want a pastel bedroom!

8 accessories that make you want a pastel bedroom!

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1. Dragee bed linen

Cocooning atmosphere requires, we put on pastel bed linen for a very soft decoration. The secret ? For more delicacy, we match sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases with the cushions spread on the bed. And for more fantasy, we do not hesitate to play the shades or mix the felted colors with a string of dragee roses, baby blue, mint greens, lavender mauves or light grays.

2. Pastel industrial suspensions

Want to modernize the pastel decor? We put on industrial suspensions whose minimalist lines contrast nicely with candy colors. We prefer matt finishes, on the other hand, more suited to the cozy atmosphere of pastel colors than shiny finishes. And for more fun, we can even multiply the suspensions by playing the rainbow accumulation!

3. A cozy headboard

If the pastel colors already immerse the bedroom in an ultra-cozy romantic atmosphere, we let you imagine the impact of a pretty gray, mauve or gray-blue headboard to accompany a pink dragee bed linen. The must-have? A velvet headboard or a padded model to enhance the boudoir effect!

4. Cocooning blankets

Difficult to find more cocooning than a blanket, an essential accessory for any cozy decor. In a pastel bedroom, we opt for a pastel throw! We choose it woven or knitted, but above all soft and velvety, from velvet to knit through faux fur. Used as a bedspread or placed on an armchair, it adds a touch of dragee color to perfect the decor. And in addition, it is divinely warm to read in bed in the evening or get up on a cold morning…

5. Soliflores in pastel shades

A simple decor tip for a cozy but not trivial room? We put on the effect of accumulation by aligning soliflores or any other small decorative object declined in a string of pastel colors. Especially since the soft-colored soliflores are easy to hunt for or even transform into a DIY project with paint!

6. A natural bedside table

No question of being content with the granny varnished wooden bedside table for a pretty pastel bedroom. We prefer a Scandinavian style furniture for the sobriety of the lines, the soft tones and the vintage look. As for colors, we choose light and raw wood or white, easy to combine with all pastel shades for a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere.

7. A pastel Scandinavian armchair

Same principle for the armchair, ideal to complete the cocooning atmosphere of a pastel bedroom: the Scandinavian armchair is a must-have, with its soft and refined lines. We choose it in wood and fabric, well padded, mint green or sugared pink. And we put the soft blanket on it when it is not on the bed!

8. A candy colored shaggy rug

The shaggy carpet is this very soft carpet with more or less long woven hairs. It is so soft that we love to walk there barefoot, and it is perfect in a room, to get up on the right foot or go to bed without being cold! To be honest, it is only in the bedroom that you can choose a pastel-colored carpet without (too) being afraid of stains…