Converting your bedroom into a parental suite: 6 mistakes to avoid

Converting your bedroom into a parental suite: 6 mistakes to avoid

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Ah, the master suite: bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, even office, living room area… In short, a space entirely dedicated to the intimacy of the couple: the dream of every parent. But how can the bedroom be properly fitted out to delimit the spaces and functions assigned to them? What decorative ideas for a bedroom that is also a bathroom? Here are our tips to avoid 6 common mistakes.

  1. Decompartmentalize the master suite without thinking about your uses
  2. Too many functions in the parental suite
  3. Do not let air and light in
  4. Overload your bedroom decor
  5. Forgetting to properly design the bathroom
  6. Want a parental suite at any cost

1. Decompartmentalize the master suite without thinking about your customs

Start by questioning your lifestyle. What are your schedules ? If one gets up at 6 am while the other stays in bed until 8 am, it is in your best interest to keep or recreate partitions in your master suite. The walls provide privacy for each other, muffle the sounds of water when someone is in the shower, and allow those who get up later to enjoy their precious hours of sleep. Without forgetting that they are of course inevitable if you install a WC in the water room… If you and your spouse are set on the same rhythms, it can be interesting to open up: a canopy or even the absence of walls will give a feeling of space. An open space in the bedroom, why not? Otherwise, you can save a little space by combining the bathroom and the dressing room in one room. Convenient to dress out of the shower ... In any case, think about your daily comfort: nothing worse than realizing at the end of the work that what you have fitted out is not practical. Also think about the circulation between the different spaces of the room. It is obviously not a question of installing traffic signs… (Although this would be an original decorative idea, but let's move on.) But to think about how you are going to move in this space which is yours! Clear access to the bathroom and dressing room to avoid bumping into a piece of furniture, for example: early in the morning, imagine hell ... Then think about the way you distribute the space knowing that it is preferable that the dressing room is on the same side as the bathroom, to avoid waking up the other by going back and forth. Yes, the development must serve the peace of households!

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2. Too many functions in the parental suite

In this island of calm, far from children and noise, we would tend to combine functions, by installing a desk, a living room, a library ... However, this may not be the best thing to do: a suite parental is not a separate studio from the house, and should not be cut off from social and family life from the rest of the accommodation. If you decide, for example, to install a TV corner, leave it open to other residents of the house during the day. Otherwise, you would confiscate a whole section of the house! Even for the life of the couple, ask yourself if combining functions is compatible with your rhythms. If you set up a desk and one works late, for example, it can quickly disturb the other's sleep. Ditto for those who like watching TV until late at night…

3. Do not let air and light in

© Martin Zeman For a peaceful parental suite, bring natural light into all spaces! For this, you can choose to install partitions that do not go to the ceiling, or removable partitions - blinds or curtains - or of course, a canopy. Nothing like it to give cachet (and a little loft side) to your parental suite, while enlarging the space. Also note that having a master suite is like taking showers in your room. So watch out for humidity! Ventilate your bedroom well every day and install controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) ... At low volume: your sleeping partner will thank you. This is important, because daily exposure to humidity can in the long run cause allergies, in addition to degrading your walls and joints (degradation or even peeling of coatings, appearance of fungi, molds, etc.). And it's valid throughout the house!

4. Overload your bedroom decor

The parental suite is the place for cocooning par excellence. In a small room, decoration and storage tips optimize the space and protect you from any feeling of suffocation. When you don't have a lot of space, you prefer white or light shades, which gain in brightness and feeling of space. To brighten up the atmosphere, combine white with a color you like: pastel for a little sweetness, mole or string for a natural side, red or orange to warm it up… Everyone has their tastes! Even if you have a nice surface, avoid overloading the room, whether with furniture or decorative items. The famous "less but better" applies in many areas! Prefer closed storage to hide the contents of your cupboards and drawers. For restful and quality sleep, it is important that you only associate your bedroom with rest: impossible if the room is saturated with information. Of course, minimalist does not mean cold or impersonal. No need to arrange your master suite like a hotel room! On the contrary, bringing it your touch is very important for you to feel good there. Parquet or waxed concrete, wooden or metal furniture, exposed beams or bricks ... Everything is allowed to give the room the look you dream of.

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5. Forgetting to properly design the bathroom

Do not neglect the layout of the bathroom: if you must of course think about your needs and furnish / arrange the space accordingly, the bathroom is not only functional! For many years, it has been a space in its own right, which we carefully plan and decorate. It is a room where you recharge your batteries before starting your day, or at the end of it. It is therefore important to feel good there! Your bathroom can be decorated in a thousand and one ways, whether by choosing a wall covering in bold color or texture, furniture full of character or aesthetic and practical storage… In the trends At the moment, there is the walk-in shower (or a less expensive variant: the shower with extra-flat shower tray), the basins to be placed on a nice storage unit, the freestanding bathtub which sits in the middle of the room… Your bathroom also becomes a design room dedicated to your comfort and well-being.

6. Want a parental suite at all costs

© Saint-Gobain A parental suite is practical and chic, in addition to reserving moments for the couple to meet, away from the hustle and bustle of the house. In short, it is a guarantee of comfort at home. No wonder so many parents dream of it! But are all the conditions met for you to be able to furnish your bedroom? Do you have enough space? It is generally considered that a room measures at least 8 square meters: you will therefore need at least 14 square meters for a parental suite. Are you going to be able to ventilate the room well, an essential condition for installing a bathroom in a bedroom? Then come the more practical and technical questions: does the configuration of the room allow such an arrangement? Are the pipes easily accessible? If in doubt, do not hesitate to call a professional to assess the feasibility of your project and offer you a quote, before starting work in the house. Perhaps your dream is quite achievable!


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