Shopping selection: practical pool accessories

Shopping selection: practical pool accessories

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1- Kiwi floating chair, Home Pool, € 49 2- Karlsö beige offset parasol, Ikea, € 90 3- Giant pink flamingo buoy,, € 59.90 4- Shape memory fogger,, 17 , 95 € 5- PS Vagö white outdoor armchair, Ikea, 29.90 € 6- Portable solar shower,, 9.90 € 7-Hawaiian sunlounger in white aluminum, Maisons du Monde, 99.99 € 8- Lot of 3 floating pool candles, Desjoyaux, € 26.50 Waterproof atmosphere in perspective! With the arrival of the sun, the layout of the garden is essential, and even more the swimming pool area. A few judiciously chosen accessories will make the swimming pool a convivial and comfortable place where all the inhabitants of the house will hurry without further ado. The essentials: a very practical transportable parasol, an armchair for taking coffee with your feet in the water, colorful deckchairs for entertaining and relaxing, and a very economical solar shower. In terms of decoration, floating candles will make the whole atmosphere at nightfall and an XXL buoy will delight young and old alike. Top comfort? An individual and shape-memory sprayer to refresh you during long tanning sessions. Everything in place? Good swim !

Tart deckchairs for a festive and welcoming pool!


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