Indoor plants flowering for spring

Indoor plants flowering for spring

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Spring obliges, flowering plants are expected in our interiors. Between touches of color and delicate scents, we have spotted in our favorite garden center the spring flowering plants that will do wonders in your decor. To enjoy their flowering as long as possible, follow our advice!

Flowering indoor plants that smell good

The Lilac : the good news is that some varieties of lilac are very well grown in pots, so you can easily install them in the living room, or elsewhere in the house. With its generous and fragrant flowering, lilac perfumes your interior in no time. Jasmine : available in any good self-respecting garden center, jasmine has two advantages. In addition to smelling extremely good, it climbs and can easily wrap around an arch, which makes it a very decorative plant. The lily : with its looks from elsewhere, the lily brings a delicate touch of exoticism to your interior. Well watered and maintained, your pot of lilies will last several years.

Lilacs spread a scent of spring throughout the house.

Indoor plants with colorful flowers

Cape violets : with its 10 months of flowering, this indoor plant is easy to live as long as you don't water your rosette. Impatiens : this plant can flower all year round and without weakening! Summer and winter, it does not matter the temperature as long as it has the necessary water. And don't hesitate to prune your houseplant if it grows too large. Miniature roses : the most delicate and romantic of flowers invites itself inside! To enjoy it as long as possible, place your potty in a light and ventilated place. Also feed your plant with natural fertilizers to ensure a long flowering and do not forget to prune it. Azaleas : for colorful flowers, be sure to provide them with light, heat, and lots of water. It's your turn ! Cyclamen : single-color or two-color, this plant flowers abundantly to the delight of our pupils.

For color, bet on azaleas with planters matching their petals!

Indoor plants a bit rustic

The gerbera : the cousin of the daisies seems straight out of the fields. With a pretty plant pot, its rustic simplicity will bring softness and delicacy to your interior for the beautiful months of spring. The plus: mix several pots of different colors (white, yellow, orange, pink or red flowers). Hydrangeas : often sold as a cut flower, the hydrangea is also easily found in pots in garden centers. For a country look, prefer hydrangeas in a pastel color, like the famous "vanilla-strawberry". Place your pot in the light and do not forget to install a stake to support the flower and its flowering.

The gerbera brings a rural touch to the decor.