How to have a Christmas decoration like in the mountains?

How to have a Christmas decoration like in the mountains?

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The fire crackling in the fireplace, the Christmas socks hanging just above, the large fully decorated Christmas tree, knitwear and cocooning materials ... No doubt, Christmas in the mountains, it's immediately more magical! If you like that kind of atmosphere, typical of Christmas TV movies, know that it is quite simple to draw inspiration from it to make your own Christmas decoration, whether you live in a real chalet or in an apartment in the city. Thanks to a few simple tips to put in place and choosing the right decorative items, it's up to you magic christmas in the mountains this year!

Natural materials are in the spotlight!

Natural materials like wood are ideal for reproducing a Christmas decoration like in the mountains at home. That's good, it's very trendy! Get inspired by our Scandinavian friends to furnish your interior during the holiday season.

For a natural look, the ornaments to hang in the tree are made of wood. You can find them both in decoration stores and in craft markets, as we find everywhere in France in November.

Do not hesitate to also integrate in your decoration objects collected during walks in the forest. You can thus create small bundles of small wood, come and bend pine cones in gold or with false snow, use foam to create a centerpiece ... This type of natural decoration leaves room for imagination and DIY!

You can also dry orange slices in the oven to place them on your table decoration, during festive meals. Otherwise, leave them in a jar as a decoration. You can add cinnamon sticks, to remind gourmet hot drinks like mulled wine, which are particularly appreciated at Christmas during the holidays.

A cocooning Christmas

Christmas in the mountains, it is often synonymous with cozy evenings and pampering weekends. Comfortably wrapped in plaids and large sweaters, sip a good hot chocolate with thick thick woolen socks.

This cocooning spirit is evidently found in christmas decoration. Install pretty lanterns or ceramic houses on the tables and window sills to burn candles. This creates a soft light, as appreciated by our Scandinavian friends.

On the sofa, place one or more woolen plaids, in large stitches. Add cushions to the red and white covers, with prints such as reindeer, fir trees or even small gifts. The jacquard is typical of clothes and decoration in the mountains: do not hesitate to add a few touches here and there, thanks to the cushions or even the curtains, in your living room as in your bedroom.

Finally, it's time to bring out your big Christmas mugs. Knitting style, with a sleeve knitted like jacquard sweaters or even printed with Christmas patterns, the choice is yours. You can store them in plain sight on a wall shelf in your kitchen to create a Christmas decoration in this room in the house, which is often poorly decorated at this time of year.

The garlands of lights under bells or hanging on the wall are very pretty cocooning Christmas decorations.

Rustic Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration in the mountains is certainly warm, but it is also very rustic. So don't overdo it. Instead, bet on typical decorative elements such as the christmas wreath.

You can hang it on your front door, but also fix it on a wall panel in your living room or in your entrance. Choose a model made of fir or holly branches for an authentic result.

same for me decorating the tree. We hang ornaments and other garlands inside, but the idea is not to make it a blinking tree. We must keep the natural aspect of the tree, and see its branches and its beautiful green thorns through the decoration.

Stay in the traditional Christmas colors for your decoration: white, green and red. These three colors combine beautifully with wood to create Christmas decoration like in the mountains you dreamed of.