Our favorite convertible sofas for less than 550 euros!

Our favorite convertible sofas for less than 550 euros!

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Centerpiece of your living room, the convertible sofa becomes your guest bedroom when you receive. Focus on 8 models less than 550 €, as aesthetic as practical, to please you and above all to make your friends happy: it is priceless!

Gray corner sofa with foldable headrests, € 549 *, Menzzo

Simple and effective color for this corner sofa with three headrests and a liftable armrest to rest the back and head. With its large dimensions, this model is perfect for families - and the many friends who stay sleeping!

Scandinavian style quick-opening patchwork sofa, € 339 *, MLC

This Scandinavian style sofa bed will soon be your best friend - or that of your friends! We chat for hours comfortably seated on its padded seat, and it sets the mood in your living room with its modern and colorful look.

Scandinavian style black sofa bed, € 399 *, Inside 75

Immediate and comfortable transformation for this sofa bed which seduces us with its sleek and cozy design. A balanced combination of wood and padded fabric for a harmonious result that invites relaxation with its rounded shape.

Convertible black corner sofa, € 499 *, Menzzo

This modern and sleek corner sofa is perfect for modern and contemporary interiors. Ultra practical, the sofa can accommodate three of your guests and its chaise longue offers ample storage space: ideal for storing bed linen!

Scandinavian style gray convertible sofa, € 299 *, MLC

Very elegant, this sofa bed linen tweed look in solid pine which brings a nice touch of modernity and chic to your living room! It will suit very well to contemporary interiors, but also to interiors with an industrial look. Your friends will envy you!

Click-clack bench, € 466 *, Tousmesmeubles

A clever and easy-to-use bench seat that combines a storage chest and a quick opening. Nothing more practical to welcome family or friends unexpectedly! On the design side, we salute the achievement made in France which ensures this model top quality.

Dark gray yazu Scandinavian sofa, € 199 *, Menzzo

For lovers of minimalism, we love this model of convertible sofa with a clean look. An anthracite gray fabric married to a wooden base: a perfect duo that will adapt to all styles of interior decoration!

Boston black sofa-bed, € 279 *, Direct Ameublement

With its rounded design, the sofa-bed invites to cocooning moments. A 100% microfiber cover and a metal base for a cozy, slightly masculine style, ideal for boosting rustic interiors in need of modernity. Design, cozy or minimalist, find all our convertible sofas! img id = "254695" / Prices noted on the site on 14/11/2017, subject to change depending on commercial offers.