Minimalist bathroom: instructions for use

Minimalist bathroom: instructions for use

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Choosing to apply a minimalist style to the bathroom is not necessarily easy. The border between minimalism and austerity is very thin and we can be afraid that by adopting minimalism, our interior does not look like a sanitized clinic. To properly integrate the minimalism style in your bathroom without making a faux pas, follow the guide.

Minimalism on the color side

Do not confuse minimalism and lack of decoration. On the contrary, this principle of "Less is more" requires careful research and attention to the smallest details. Painting on the walls for example can become the central element of your decoration, especially if the furniture is scarce. We can obviously choose to erase all traces of colors with an immaculate white. If the solution is simple to implement, it can also be a little anxiety-provoking. Instead, opt for a sober painting that depicts the raw appearance like a slate gray. Black can also be used, but sparingly on a wall panel or for the shower area. In any case avoid the warm colors which are visual disturbers in a minimalist style and risk blurring the tracks. Finally it is possible to combine a natural material such as wood or marble, elements which relate to a Scandinavian or even Japanese decoration. Minimalism can draw inspiration from different cultures.

Gray pulls out in minimalist style

Minimalism on the layout side

The layout in a minimalist bathroom does not mean that modern comfort should be overlooked. On the contrary, being limited to the essentials allows you to invest in high-quality products with noble materials. Before creating your minimalist bathroom, you must therefore ask yourself about its real needs: do I really want to have a bathtub? Is the massage shower really useful? How many people use the bathroom? etc. Once you have assessed and differentiated what is superfluous from what is essential, you can devote a larger budget to what seems really necessary. Whether it is the washbasin, the shower or the bathtub, the minimalist style requires moving towards clean lines and a stripped-down design. It is therefore necessary to favor installations which bet on simplicity rather than on complex technology (with useless buttons and which "break" the harmony).

Choose clean lines for furniture

Minimalism on the storage side

Like the layout of your bathroom, storage must also be considered beforehand. In the same way, you must above all have a reflection on your needs and adjust your storage as well as possible to what you are going to have to store. Do not forget that the minimalist style also leads to reducing equipment so multiplying the storage space is not the solution. In order not to break the harmony, you must choose furniture that is suitable for your facilities and your walls. So we stay in the same colors but also the same lines. We also avoid adding too many different materials so that the whole remains fairly neutral. In the end, it should be remembered that the storage space should be few, rather closed (so as not to see too many objects) and with a real desire for simplicity. For example, choose cabinets without handles or door knobs, which will keep a smooth side as for walls. By hiding your hygiene products, you respect the stripping of the minimalist style.

Only a few objects, well chosen, will decorate your minimalist bathroom

Minimalism on the accessories side

As described in the previous chapter, the minimalist style requires careful reflection on its real needs. Every object in your bathroom has to undergo a self-examination: do I really need this? Since when have I not used this item? As with the decluttering method (like that of Marie Kondo for example), this step must make it possible to reduce your equipment and accessories, not to the bare minimum but as close as possible to your lifestyle. When sorting is done, your accessories must have a designated place in your storage. This does not mean that nothing should go beyond. On the contrary, the objects which will remain visible must be chosen with care. You can for example leave your favorite lotion handy especially if its packaging is aesthetic. If you don't like the packaging of your beauty products, you can also put them back in containers that you like. Finally you can add objects that make you feel good like flowers or candles provided that these remain exceptions.