8 essentials for a Christmas decor that smells of tradition

8 essentials for a Christmas decor that smells of tradition

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In this shopping selection, we play on the timeless combination of red and white to awaken the magic of Christmas and the most beautiful memories of childhood. All the codes of traditional holiday decor are there. Listen: Can you hear Santa's reindeer?

Glass Christmas ball, € 6.37 *, Glassor

Queen of the tree, the Christmas bauble continues to travel through time to perpetuate the magic of the holidays. Illustration with this delicate white ball decorated with red patterns that pays homage to the fundamentals of Christmas decor. Because Christmas will always be Christmas!

Knitted Balls light garland, € 11.90 *, Xmas Living Glass

We stay in the HO HO HO atmosphere with this LED light garland dressed in Santa Claus colors. We love its pretty woolen fabric and its Scandinavian stylized patterns ... to lose the ball (Christmas)!

15 LED red garland, € 9.50 *, Xmas Living Glass

To light up the atmosphere, we put on this pretty garland made up of 15 LEDs. To be wrapped around the tree or unwound around the door or wall frame ... Because without an LED garland, the party is less crazy!

Christmas olive in red and white glass, € 4.85 *, Glassor

Here is a pretty Christmas olive to change from the classic Christmas ball while remaining faithful to the legendary red and white chromatic duo dotted with flake patterns.

Red wood candlestick, € 29 *, Xmas Living Glass

Tradition asserts itself in the living room with this new generation chandelier with the charm of yesteryear. Its red wood of vintage inspiration still warms a few degrees the long family evenings by the fireside. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

Blown glass Christmas ball, € 6.15 *, Glassor

The crackling fire, the eyes of the children who shine, the smell of hot chocolate and gingerbread which smells the house ... This is what this Christmas ball in blown glass revives and makes vibrate ... Yes, tradition really good !

Lot of 2 hearts to hang in metal and rope, € 17.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

Blow of heart for this lot of hearts to hang on the tree, which seems to whisper a Christmas tale under the amazed eyes of children (young and old) who always want to believe in these stories of Santa Claus…

Set of 2 white and red Christmas trees to hang, € 2 *, Dekoboutique

Always in a traditional spirit, this set of 2 white and red trees makes the magic of Christmas breathe a little harder into the house. This time, for sure, Santa Claus is not far away ... The full selection to make your Christmas decor blush is here! img id = "254164" / Prices noted on the site on 11/28/2017, subject to change based on commercial offers.


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