8 inspirations for the Festival of Lights

8 inspirations for the Festival of Lights

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On the occasion of the Lyon Festival of Lights, from December 7 to 10, 2017, the editorial team selected 8 bright pieces to participate in the event. Between lanterns, candles, LED lights and garlands of light, you can play with the lights, while discovering the French heritage.

Thin copper light garland, € 9.50 *, Xmas Living Glass

Very elegant, this fine luminous copper garland is dropped on a piece of furniture, decorates a Christmas wreath or takes place in a tealight holder. You can also use it as a table decoration, for a bright, festive but discreet touch.

Scented candle "Délices de Frangipanier" in a bell, € 23.99 *, Paris Price

This 650 g candle will offer you frangipani scents for long hours. Its warm and exotic notes awaken the cold winter evenings. And its glass bell makes it an elegant and refined object, perfect for parties.

10 flying lanterns with lanterns, € 59 *, Belliani

The flying lanterns always have their small effect. Ideal for nocturnal events (parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.), they create attraction and illuminate the sky for a memorable poetic moment. The more they are, the more spectacular the effect. Loudly.

Wired Light Lampion, € 26.40 *, Pegane

With its soft LED lighting, this wired lantern can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its black metal makes it a contemporary and neutral accessory, easy to integrate on a dining room table, or on a corner of the balcony.

Black metal outdoor lantern with LED candle, € 25.90 *, Best Season

With its vintage look, this lantern will bring a little discreet retro touch to your interior. Its plastic candle and LED bulb make it a secure light accessory. Turn it on safely!

Tealight holder in black and gold, € 34.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

Like a wink at Christmas, this tealight in the shape of a tree reminds us of the upcoming arrival of the holiday season. Adorned with black and gold, it takes us into a festive and warm atmosphere, like that of the Fête des Lumières in Lyon.

Set of 3 white LED candles with remote control, € 18.88 *, Wadiga

Ultra practical, these white LED candles turn on and off in no time thanks to their remote control. A clever way to invite candles into your home without playing with fire.

Set of 3 multicolored glass candle jars, € 11.80 *, Wadiga

These glass candle holders with colorful patterns will elegantly decorate a table, a fireplace or a sideboard. Place a tealight candle in each of them and bring them together for a "wow" effect! To continue the Festival of Lights, click here. img id = "253735" / Prices noted on the site on 06/12/2017, subject to change depending on commercial offers.