Before / After: Enhance the terrace with plants

Before / After: Enhance the terrace with plants

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Revamp your terrace without going through renovations and buying large materials? It's possible ! When the budget does not allow the renewal of the flooring or walls, it is necessary to know how to turn to a more economical solution, namely the integration of various shrubs and plants. The urban landscape designer Gaston Bintener of the Paris Balcon agency knew how to take up the challenge and give new sparkle to this small terrace through plants, but also a new "green" momentum in this somewhat worn space. Cleverly positioned, they redraw the linearity of the places while bringing that point of nature that they lacked.

Organize a little corner of nature

Before : This Parisian terrace has suffered the ravages of time: worn and blackened tiles by humidity, worn furniture and damaged trellis. The whole lacks freshness and above all a dense and harmonious vegetation! The latter would not only conceal the "physical" defects of the terrace, but also to shelter the owners from outside looks. The latter have no budget to renovate their outdoor space from A to Z, they preferred to bet on the greening of the places. A more affordable and no less aesthetic solution!

After : The Paris Balcon agency team intervened for several days to rethink the layout of the terrace, which now takes on the appearance of a miniature garden! First essential point for Gaston Bintener and his team: break the linearity of this space while length. The pots and planters containing the different shrubs and plants were therefore staggered in order to create an irregularity in the overall visual. The landscaper has also opted for varieties of hedges all in height and volume (bamboo, oleander, etc.) which hide the terrace from prying eyes. The owners can finally take their meals outside in complete privacy, rest on their deckchairs and enjoy their terrace as a real additional room! The terrace gains in charm and functionality without having undergone major work. Successful bet ! More info on


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