Make a baby blanket

Make a baby blanket

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1 piece of blue polar wool 100 x 100 cm 1 chalk 1 rotary cutter or 1 pair of scissors 2 m of braid plum wool braid Pins 1 sewing machine Thread matching polar wool Scraps of polar wool of different colors 20 cm minimum length 1 ruler 1 wide punch

Plaid realization

15 'Cutout

Cut the polar woolen piece to 90 x 90 cm, using a rotary cutter or scissors, after drawing the contours in chalk.

45 'Sewing of the braid

Cut the braid in half, pin it on the two opposite sides of the plaid and sew it in the machine. The sides without braid can be placed in contact with the baby's face without risking irritating it.


To make an adult plaid, simply vary the dimensions from 90 x 90 cm to 130 x 170 cm approximately. Avoid using the loden for this realization, because it would not be warm enough or comfortable enough.


20 'Cut out pompoms

From each fleece coupon, cut approximately ten strips of 20 x 1 cm each. Then fold the first in half, tie a knot in the middle (diagram 1), then cut one of the sides of the strip flush with the knot (diagram 2).

Repeat for the other bands.

40 'Fixing the pompoms

In the model photographed, all the pompoms are placed arbitrarily on the plaid, so as to obtain an aesthetic result. Choose the location of the first tassel in this way and make a large punch hole there. Then thread the two tails of the pompom in it, one after the other, still using the punch, then do the same for the other balls. Finally, tie the two tails of each pompom on the back of the plaid with each other and cut them about 5 millimeters from the knot.


If you find the back of the plaid unsightly after having made the decor, you can double it with a second fleece coupon of the same size as the first. It will be enough to sew it on the edges, possibly adding seams in the center to keep it in place.

20 sets on Polar, Boiled wool, loden © éditions Flammarion, 2004


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