Our advice for a peaceful move!

Our advice for a peaceful move!

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We always underestimate the workload required for a move. In addition to packing an entire apartment in boxes, there are administrative procedures to anticipate, cleaning that always takes more time than expected,… Here is a little guide to moving without stress!

The equipment to provide

No need to buy boxes for your move, you can collect them from traders and supermarkets around you. You can also collect newspapers to pack your objects and dishes. For the rest, it will be necessary to provide: - Rolls of scotch tape - A marker - Bubble wrap for fragile objects and crockery - Compactable storage covers - Protective covers to wrap the mattresses - Protective covers. If you are not using movers, ask around if you can be loaned a hand truck, straps, a cart and if you can be helped on the day of the move.

We get motivated to pack up as we go!

Custody of animals and children

Let it be said, moving with a cat or a dog, a child in the paws, it is not really ideal ... If you have the possibility of being able to have them looked after by relatives or moving on weekdays, when the children are at the nanny's or at school, don't hesitate! Otherwise you will have to lock up your pet during the move. For my part, I left my cat in the cage for a few hours, she did not appreciate it too much but for safety, I could not let her wander in the apartment.

Think about your change of address!

You can change your address on the government website for all public bodies (taxes, CAF, social security, etc.). Also remember to schedule the redirection of your mail on the La Poste site for 6 months or 1 year. Do not forget to inform all other private organizations and people of your change of address (crèche, nanny, mutual, bank, insurance, magazine subscriptions, etc.)

What to keep on hand until D-Day

- Some toys, books, ... (otherwise the children will moan! Besides, why not give your children felt-tip pens so that they decorate the boxes, it will keep them busy;) Do not wait until the day before the move to dismantle the furniture, cupboards,… - First aid kit, health books - Important administrative papers, inventory of fixtures if you are a tenant. - Toolbox - Freezer bags and a marker to wrap the screws and find them easily! - Broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, household trousseau (sponge, rags, household products, garbage bags, ...)

A serene move-in!

Are you ready to leave your old apartment? We will now have to think of everything to facilitate your arrival in your new home:

Consider home insurance

You will not be able to enter an apartment or a house if you have not insured it. And above all you will not be covered in the event of damage…

Do laundry

Get as far ahead of the laundry as you will have a lot to do when you move into the new accommodation. You will certainly not want to face this monstrous bin of dirty laundry filled!

Prepare your races on the internet

The day you move in, you won't have the time or the inclination to go shopping. Opt for a delivery the day of your move in at the end of the day or the next day.

State of play

Realize the entry inventory, if you are a tenant. Do not neglect this step because the report made by the real estate agencies is often minimized at the entry then at the exit, the report is very often more meticulous ... Take photos and reread well before signing the document.

Household chores

In the new accommodation: if you did not have the keys a few days before moving in, you will certainly not be able to clean everything from top to bottom on D-day. Do the biggest before bringing the boxes and furniture, anyway it will be necessary to redo a complete cleaning after!


Unpack the boxes containing the things you need right away: dishes, groceries, hygiene products, children's clothes and clothes,… Take the plants out of the boxes and water them. The rest can wait a bit! If you have a balcony or a garage, store boxes in it so as not to clutter your living room too much!

Children's room

Arrange the children's room, they will be happy to find their mark, their toys that they have not seen for a few days / weeks! Welcome home ! So as not to forget anything, find our super relocation planning!