Dare to be dark in the living room!

Dare to be dark in the living room!

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Do you think that black is sad and that it has no place in a house with a happy family life? However, it's not just whiteness and Scandinavian-style light wood in life! Provided you know how to tame it, black can on the contrary give a lot of personality to your interior and create a cozy cocoon far from being austere. Follow our advice to adopt it without fear.

Black, a symbol of elegance

Black is above all a deep color that brings nobility to an interior. Used on a large surface as a whole wall section, it constitutes a neutral background ideal for highlighting beautiful pieces such as a painting, a photo or a work of art. On the floor, on a stained parquet or dark resin, it will bring out a beautiful carpet or a coffee table with beautiful lines. In smaller touches, black highlights details of the living room. Perfect for emphasizing a base, a fireplace or door frames, it can also define a recess or a space with a specific function, office or reading corner. Don't be intimidated by his strong personality! Black is more versatile than it seems and can be combined with other dark shades like burgundy or gray as well as with beige, white or muted shades like taupe or duck blue. It combines perfectly with fine materials: leather, lacquer, velvet and woolen fabrics, and comes in matt to shiny, from plain to printed, for an interior full of character.

Black, perfect for highlighting a beautiful canvas

Black is perfect in an industrial or retro decor

Do you like the industrial style loft or converted factory? Black is your ally! Whether to highlight the locksmithing of a glass roof or to enhance an old damaged or stained floor, it will go perfectly with a decor of raw materials of concrete, metal or wood. Bricks painted black are also a solution to consider, they are second to none to warm a very open room or a slightly cold industrial space. Are you a fan of vintage decoration and spend a lot of time collecting old furniture and objects? A touch of black in the living room will bring a beautiful unity to a mismatched decor and will bring a touch of modernity to rustic furniture. Do you prefer Art Deco style? There too, the dark shades do wonders: with touches of gold and delicate prints of ferns, palms or geometric patterns, a "Gatsby the magnificent" atmosphere guaranteed!

Black fits perfectly in an industrial style living room

Think black to warm your interior

Dark colors have a reputation for visually shrinking the living room, but this is sometimes an advantage. Who doesn't prefer a nice cozy living room where you feel good to a large, bare and soulless space? Black will make a room that is too large or simply furnished more welcoming. Dark curtains will soften a slightly harsh light and insulate you from the cold while black paint will help define a relaxation area or a library. In beautiful soft materials, velvet or faux fur cushions, a woolen plaid or a Berber carpet, black will create a confined comforting atmosphere conducive to rest. Do not hesitate to invest in a beautiful armchair or a dark leather Chesterfield type sofa, it will bring a lot of character to your living room. Do not hesitate to break the austerity of this strong color with enveloping shades such as beige, taupe or bottle green, or to add patterns with small touches. You will curl up with pleasure in this very personal and welcoming cocoon.

Dark shades for a cozy reading corner

Dare black for a graphic style

Necessarily austere and old-fashioned black? On the contrary, used with taste, it brings a very contemporary graphic touch to the living room. It becomes minimal chic on a white wall in an installation of black and white photos, even lettering or quotes rigorously framed in black. It becomes arty associated with strong colors like indigo blue, red or primary yellow in a spirit reminiscent of artists like Mondrian or Rietveld. Used flat on surfaces or on details, it goes perfectly with eccentric geometric patterns. Think of Marimekko's pop and floral prints and let your imagination run wild! If the too abrupt contrasts frighten you, know that black and white accommodate very well a third more neutral color (beige or tobacco for example) which will come to link the whole decoration with more softness. Also remember that black can be fun! Dare to paint chalkboard chalkboard to brighten up a living room wall and feel free to revive a dark wall with childish or cheerful details such as a light sign, posters, quirky accessories or holiday memories…

Black and white frames for a very contemporary decor

Have fun with shifts that challenge prejudices!

Practical advice for using black for decoration in the living room

If you want to paint an enter wall in black, preferably avoid that of the windows, this could considerably darken the room. Prefer a soft and subdued light or indirect lighting to accentuate the cozy side of the living room. A ceiling light, neon lights or spotlights could indeed on black harden the angles and the general atmosphere in the room. Finally, consider exploring the different variations of black, the various materials and textures: matt, shiny or satin, striated, striped, tone-on-tone or moire print… the possibilities and combinations are endless!

Black and its variations, much less austere than it seems