How to choose your extractor hood?

How to choose your extractor hood?

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By eliminating grease, water vapors and cooking odors, the extractor hood helps reduce fouling of kitchen walls and ceilings. Decorative, built-in or wall-mounted, there are appliances for all needs and depending on the layout of your kitchen. Follow these 6 tips to make the right choice

Outdoor exhaust hood or recycling?

If you live in a single house, then the extractor hood may be suitable for you because it requires installing a duct to the outside to get the smoke outside. This type of hood is efficient and offers better air flow. Recycling hoods are more suitable for apartments. The appliance is fitted with carbon filters which filters the air before it leaves the sides. Easy to install, this system requires regular filter changes. Each filter costs between 20 and 30 euros on average.

Identify your way of cooking

Depending on whether you cook a little or a lot, on gas or on electric or induction hobs, rather with a grill or a frying pan ... you will not choose the same type of hood. Avoid them recycling hoods if you like fries and grills because the filters saturate.

A decorative hood to give style to your kitchen

Choose the right flow for your hood

For good air renewal, choose the right suction rate. How? 'Or' What ? By doing a small operation: surface x height of the walls x 10. This gives you the flow rate per m3 hour. Please note, if you have an open kitchen or your hood is placed above a central island, plan a higher flow rate. Be aware that the more powerful your hood, the more you will be able to work at slow speed, which means less noise and less energy spent.

Choose the right size

The extractor hood must be at least as wide as the hob. Ideally, it will be even wider. Above a cooking piano or several dominoes, you can even juxtapose two hoods.

Pay attention to the noise from your hood

Unfortunately, there are still no acoustic standards in France. You compare the sound level of each hood, be sure to ask the seller the number of decibels at equal air flow. If you are particularly sensitive to noise (and your wallet is well stocked), some manufacturers offer hoods whose engine is installed, for example, on an exterior wall or even in the attic. But be careful, you must anticipate the installation before building or renovating the house.

Integrated hood can save storage

A hood for every budget

The hoods caps , otherwise called visor hoods, flat in shape, are functional before being aesthetic. Intended for small kitchens and small budgets, they offer an air flow from 100 m3 / hour. The most fashionable hoods are the decorative ones, in wall or island version. They exist in different powers and very varied aesthetics. The hoods can also be integrated. In the suction group version, they are almost entirely hidden in a piece of furniture. In the telescopic version, they are slid to use them then they disappear completely. There are also countertop hoods, integrated into the worktop behind the cooking surface, which are removed when cooking. Another design solution, the ceiling hood, which turns into a simple lighting panel when not in use. video id = "0" /