8 gift ideas for a Christmas full of surprises!

8 gift ideas for a Christmas full of surprises!

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This year, you have decided that Christmas will be off the beaten track. For your gift ideas, one key word: originality! By opting for design objects and a bit offbeat, you will not fail to surprise your loved ones. Goodbye to the eternal papa tie!

Design teapot, € 59 *, Absolument Design

When tea time strikes, setting the tea table is a real delight. To delight your loved ones, offer them this pretty designer teapot, with a decidedly modern curve. Making Christmas fun is not as complicated as it seems…

Bottle with purifying charcoal, € 24.95 *, Black + Blum

Looking for an out of the ordinary Christmas gift idea? Opt for the water bottle fitted with a charcoal purifier. An ancestral Japanese technique, the purification of charcoal water surprises with its simplicity. A must !

Design indoor garden, € 139 *, Citysens

An original Christmas gift must surprise and amaze! This is the case with this indoor garden equipped with a clever automatic watering system. Design and modular, it enhances your decor with a pleasant touch of greenery.

Inflatable sofa, € 74.50 *, Fatboy

After an exhausting day, we often have only one desire: to curl up on a soft sofa as desired. Until then, nothing very original! But if this sofa inflates automatically when it is shaken, the element of surprise will be there.

Thermo hot meal, € 40.46 *, Black + Blum

When the first frosts of winter appear, we appreciate a good hot meal, even on the go. In the office or on the go, the stainless steel thermo keeps your lunch at the right temperature. A design object that will pamper you!

Table lamp, € 65 *, Fatboy

A mobile lamp that you can take with you everywhere, this is an original and useful Christmas gift! Close your eyes and imagine: lying in a park after dark, you devour a thrilling novel. Thanks WHO ? The mobile lamp of course!

Essential oils diffuser, € 49.99 *, Zen Arôme

This year, Christmas will be zen or not! To find the path to serenity, bet on the essential oil diffuser. Design and exotic object, it gives you immediate well-being. There is nothing wrong with having fun, especially at Christmas!

3D LED lamp, € 143.91 *, Studio Cheha

Can we imagine a more original Christmas present than a 3D effect lamp? Equipped with a low-consumption LED, it projects a soft halo light. Guaranteed cocooning atmosphere! There is no doubt that this year you will make an impression. To discover our entire selection of Christmas gifts, it's here! img id = "251257" / Price found on the site on 12/20/2017, subject to change depending on commercial offers.


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