Make an 80s style table

Make an 80s style table

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Designed on the basis of a cube, here is a table that will play, according to your mood, the side tables, bedside table or coffee table. You choose…


of blockboard in 16 mm thickness: - 2 squares of 40 cm side - 3 rectangles of 40 x 10 cm of transparent plexiglass in 12 mm thickness: - 1 square of 40 cm side of red plexiglass in 3 mm d '' thickness: - 1 square 40 cm side 1 drill 12 wood screws with flat heads 4 x 40 golden 1 screwdriver Matt black paint 1 gouache brush

Production :

10 'Preparation

Drill the batten squares as shown in the pdf diagram: 277548.

20 'Painting

Paint all of the blockboard elements front and back. Let it dry.

10 'Assembly

Using the screws and the screwdriver, assemble the elements as indicated on the drawings downloaded during the previous preparation, without tightening the screws fully.

5 'Positioning of the plexiglass

Place the transparent plexiglass plate so that it forms the table top. Cover with red plexiglass plate.

10 'Fixing

Tighten the screws securely to secure the two plexiglass plates.


You will find in the trade, many colors of plexiglass. Do not hesitate to choose the one that you prefer or that best suits your interior. You will then choose the color of the table uprights and screws depending on the color of the plexiglass. With a blue plexiglass, for example, prefer white or tone-on-tone studs and silver screws.

20 Plastic objects © Flammarion editions, 2004


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