How to arrange a balcony for children?

How to arrange a balcony for children?

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A real living room, a well-furnished balcony is an ideal place to introduce children to the joys of gardening and the art of living outdoors. But to really enjoy your family balcony in complete safety, it is better to anticipate all the details and plan activities adapted to each. Instructions in 5 steps.

Step 1: secure the balcony for your children

Before being a place of fun to share with the family, the balcony is the place of all dangers for children. It is therefore out of the question to let young and old play outside without having made sure that they are not likely to pass over the guardrail ... or to slide under it. In most cases, the installation of a safety net, a privacy screen, etc. is mandatory so that the little ones cannot climb the bars. Installing tall planters can also do the trick, but make sure no small acrobat can support them. Also make sure that the soil does not hurt the feet (otherwise cover it with synthetic grass or precut tiles) and that nothing dangerous is within reach of babies (gardening tools, fertilizers, etc.). In any case, never leave children unattended outside. Once your little ones are sheltered, also think of the safety of passers-by below! Small cars thrown overboard risk turning into projectiles if they are launched from the 4th floor, and beware of the fire truck!

Safety is a priority on a balcony!

Step 2: introduce children to gardening on the balcony

What would a balcony be without plants? To green a family balcony, consider placing certain planters at children's height to allow them to garden with you. A mini vegetable garden made with pots of aromatic herbs and a few cherry tomato plants will allow them to become aware of the cycle of the seasons. Depending on the size of the balcony, you can also install a small potting table or a mini-greenhouse for sowing to make your little ones a true little budding gardener!

An aromatic garden for children

Step 3: on the balcony, well thought out accessories for children

In fine weather, if you want to encourage your children to spend more time outside, invest in a few toys and accessories that will make the balcony even more attractive than their bedroom. Depending on the age of your children, you can install an outdoor play mat, a small inflatable pool, a workbench or a stove, a train circuit, a rocking horse ... On a large balcony, the hammock is also an accessory much appreciated by all members of the family!

Step 4: activities for children on the balcony

Do you want to spend the weekend on your balcony lazing in the sun? Keep your children busy by inventing games suited to their age. The little ones love to play with sand, rice or transfer paste from one container to another. Older children love bubble games, bowling, hopscotch, mikado and find it much funnier to play a board game on the balcony than in the living room! In hot weather, water games are very popular, ask your little ones to wash dolls and figurines in a large bowl and equip the older ones with water guns by asking them to water the flowers. Otherwise find our outdoor games to make yourself!

A homemade sandbox on the balcony

Step 5: a goldfish pond on the balcony

Is your child asking for a pet? Why not install a basin on the balcony? With one or two water lilies and a few duckweed, your goldfish will be much happier than in a bowl and can spend the winter outside, even under a thin layer of ice. If you have a guinea pig or a rabbit, you can also take it out, taking care that it does not escape! On the other hand, it is better to forget the balcony chicken coops, the casseroles need more room to flourish ... So, all on the balcony?

So, rather goldfish or dwarf rabbit?