The patterns invade the living room!

The patterns invade the living room!

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Ah the motives… Which to choose? And above all in which place (s)? From the small touch to the predominant element, the patterns invite themselves into the living room to bring an atmosphere and pep. But the choice is vast and the possibilities endless: it is therefore often difficult to choose. A little boost?

1. The obvious: the cushions!

With the cushions there is one thing that is too good: the covers multiply in the shops, at very affordable prices, and suddenly it is easy to take a little crush from time to time. Or, mega-supreme luxury, to create a little rotation to vary the atmosphere of the house! Because we can have tastes that are difficult to match, the solution seems to have been found: what if we alternate? Of course, this little treat of pillows also works with throws, also very varied and with a budget that is rather easy to master.

The madness of cushions, colors and patterns

2. In the center: the carpet

A carpet, yes, but not grandma's! Because in addition to isolating the room and offering softness under the toes, for the past few years creativity has caught its feet in the area rug and spread out there for our greatest pleasure: square, round, rectangular , fringed, long-haired, short or woven, with drawings, geometric figures, a harmony of colors ... The carpet is modernized and really contributes to the spirit of your room: more design, cozy, graphic, cocooning? It's up to you to decide where you want to set foot!

A graphic carpet, to delimit the living room space

3. Attacking the walls

Think big, occupy the walls! You have two options: you can lay tapestry strips to define the spaces in your living room or focus on one wall. The advantage? This is an ornament that creates a general atmosphere in your room and that fits perfectly, oh joy, with fairly simple furniture. Because if the originality lines the wall, it is then elegant and subtle to choose the sobriety for the furniture and fabrics!

The decor is the wall!

4. Customized furniture

DIY enthusiasts, this paragraph is for you! Nothing better than fabrics or patterned wallpaper to customize simple furniture or that require a small renovation. Chairs, shelves, a lampshade, storage boxes, the interior of drawers ... Make room for creativity and above all: have fun in style.

Vintage style furniture, and contemporary fabric!

5. The main furniture: the sofa

We talked about thinking big by putting patterns on a wall, but we can also think big by choosing a sofa, or even a set of sofa and armchair (s) with a variegated fabric. Obviously, you immediately get a very marked style, which will be offset by the other elements of your living room that will have to be chosen more neutral. However, your living room is not lacking in character and that's classy.

If you are afraid of getting bored, you can opt for the sofa covers rich in patterns!

6. Shapes and colors

It will not be a surprise, when we think of patterns and decoration… we think very quickly of the Scandinavian style. Graphic, modern, it is available in all ways and seems to be a trend that will last. Fun and safe value.

When we say Scandinavian decoration, we think ... Ikea!

7. Long live liberty!

Popular in the clothing sector in recent years, the liberty pattern is full of charm: it is evocative of the past, fabrics that are generously qualified as vintage today, and has been enriched with a new character with hipster fashion, where the motif has slipped into men's shirts and city-dweller's blouses. Flowery, delicate, it invites a bit of poetry into your decor and blends perfectly, for example, with an industrial style. Yes it is daring, but we believe, it would be a very nice counter-employment.

8. The ethnic trend

Make way for the timeless ethnic trend, which never really disappears and regularly returns to the fore. A style that calls for noble, quality materials, which can be bohemian ... or bohemian chic!

Chic, sober, black and white slightly enhanced with one color


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