7 tips for soft, subdued light when children are afraid of the dark

7 tips for soft, subdued light when children are afraid of the dark

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At birth, baby is not afraid of the dark! He needs your help to distinguish the day from the night and set his pace on yours. This is done quickly for the lucky ones. Sometimes it's a little longer! When your child is a little older, it is often at night that fears of separation resurface. And around 2-3 years, it is the nightmares and the night terrors which prevent him from sleeping serenely (and we also at the same time). Making sure that he is not confronted with complete darkness can help allay his fears ... Here are some bright tips (we couldn't help it), tested and approved.

1. A commercially purchased night light

Be careful, you will be spoiled for choice! There are all shapes, sizes and prices. To make your choice, here are some criteria: safety of course but also practicality; it is better to have a night light which recharges and which can remain lit at night without connection. Also prefer a model that your child can turn off and turn on alone (because you too would like to sleep!). There are even cuddly night lights that your baby will be able to cuddle while waiting for the sandman.

2.A homemade night light

Alternative to the commercially available night light… the homemade night light of course! For that, you can imagine lots of varied and very simple models like an LED or a light garland placed in a glass jar with some figurines. Your child, if he is old enough, can participate in the making. It will also give you an opportunity to put words on his fears with him, with a little lightness and detachment ...

The good idea of ​​blogger and graphic designer Monkeychoo… to make a night light by turning a drum.

3. A bedside lamp

In a child's bedroom, it is better to multiply the points of light. This allows for variations in brightness depending on the time of day. Like a landmark, the light will be different when playing, working and falling asleep. To reassure your child while empowering him, you can then bet, for bedtime, on the bedside light, placed just next to his bed. You will sleep on your two ears while he, more autonomous and more serene, will be able to light his room when he wishes.

4. A light garland

Do you prefer it with stars, balls, flamingos, hearts, pandas? You will be spoiled for choice! The light garland is a real decorative element which has the advantage of transmitting diffuse and subdued light while providing a warm atmosphere.

The blogger Emilie sans chichi had the idea of ​​diverting a garland to make a light wall lamp.

5. Dawn simulator

You already know the principle? Your kids will love it! Based on the principle of light therapy, the dawn simulator will play on the variety of light intensity emitted in the bedroom to prepare, facilitate and improve the conditions for falling asleep and waking up. A gadget that could brighten your life as parents!

6. A door ajar

What reassures your child is as much your presence as a dim light. So, if you have the possibility, you can keep the door ajar which opens onto a lighted corridor for example, at least the time of falling asleep.

7. Small fluorescent elements

You can easily find fluorescent stars in the store that you can stick to the wall or ceiling of his room. Even more original, there are luminous stickers on the same principle or even fluorescent paint! We advise you to use it using Cloud or Star stencils for example.

On La Redoute, phosphorescent stickers for a wall lined with stars


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