Put yellow in your living room decor!

Put yellow in your living room decor!

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What yellow to use in a living room?

If the yellow has long been shunned in interior decoration, it will be a few years that it returns with great fanfare to the front of the stage, and that we find it in all rooms of the house, from the entrance to the bedroom through ... the living room!

It is true that yellow is a color that seems ideal for a living room: solar and bright, it has no equal in warming the atmosphere and bringing warmth, which is perfect in a friendly room like the living room !

But be careful all the same shade of yellow that you choose for your living room; indeed, it is very important to choose a yellow suitable for the room he is going to dress! So, to avoid tiring your eyes and getting bored quickly, it is advisable to bet on rather soft shades of yellow, especially if you want to cover the walls, such as topaz yellow, mimosa yellow, yellow fresh butter, Nanjing yellow, March yellow or sulfur yellow.

How to use yellow in the decoration of a living room?

It's a fact: a color as vibrant as yellow is ideal for energizing a room and infusing it with joy and good humor. However, there are still a few precautions to take if you want a yellow decor in your living room, including:

  • Avoid using yellow as a total look on the walls of a living room (unless it is a very light shade). The good idea ? Paint a section of wall in yellow, or cover a single living room wall in yellow, and leave the other whites. If the yellow is very bright, it will stand out and it will create a superb contrast!
  • If you like very invigorating yellows (lemon yellow, chick yellow, golden yellow, chrome yellow, etc.), you can punctuate your living room with the shade of your choice, with small touches; with for example a sofa, an armchair, or yellow decor accessories

Good to know : yellow is a color that visually enlarges the space and creates an impression of grandeur. If your living room is narrow enough and you want to give an impression of space, do not hesitate, and fall for the yellow on the walls !

What colors should you associate with yellow?

Although it is a strong color with lots of character, yellow is actually quite easy to combine, and it matches with many colors and can be adapted to almost any style:

  • If you want to create a modern and contemporary atmosphere in your living room, you can easily combine yellow with rather neutral colors such as white, gray or black. The rendering will be up to date and very elegant!
  • For a more classic style, do not hesitate to combine yellow with red and green, for a little house side of Provence that smells good on holidays!
  • For maximum pep's, you can dare the orange and yellow duo but in small doses rather than on the walls.
  • To create an exotic and exotic atmosphere in your living room, consider combining yellow with turquoise blue or chartreuse green.
  • The yellow-black-red trio creates an urban and contemporary atmosphere.