How to prepare a wall before painting it?

How to prepare a wall before painting it?

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Have you freed two days in your schedule to repaint the living room walls? Before putting on your overalls and grabbing a brush, the editors of dé tell you how to properly prepare a wall before painting it. Clean, reseal, smooth: all the steps for an impeccable wall!

1 / Before preparing the wall to paint, protect the area!

Start by protecting your site! The room will be emptied of its furniture, paintings, curtain rods and other wall elements. The floor will be protected by a plastic sheet. Wall lights, baseboards and woodwork will be swaddled with plastic and masking tape. Finally, the screws and nails will be removed using pliers.

1st step: make room to repaint only your walls!

2 / Prepare a wall before painting it, the material:

* A sponge * A triangular scraper * A coating knife * Sandpaper (medium or fine grain) * Filling plaster * Smoothing plaster

Make sure you have all the equipment before attacking the paint!

3 / Prepare a wall to paint in 3 steps

1 / Clean the wall : Wash the wall or clean it with a damp sponge and allow to dry. 2 / Fill in the holes and cracks : Eliminate the friable parts housed near the holes and cracks using a triangular scraper then moisten the areas to be filled. Then fill in the holes and cracks by applying the filler with a plastering knife. The support must be smoothed with the knife so as to obtain the most homogeneous surface possible. Let dry at least an hour before smoothing. 3 / Smooth the surface to be painted : Sand the roughness with the sandpaper, then apply the smoothing plaster in a thin and even layer. Once dry, the plaster will be sanded again for a wall ready to paint!

Is your wall ready? So take out the brushes!