Extending your balcony: our tips

Extending your balcony: our tips

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Do you have a balcony in town? This is already very good news! Yes but here it is, with its few square meters, it does not resemble a terrace, much less the garden of Versailles! However, however cramped your balcony is, there are solutions to give the illusion of enlarging your green corner and offer you a real breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. To do this, proceed in stages, taking care in particular of the layout, decoration and of course the choice and maintenance of your plants. Demonstration!

Take care of plant management

The first rule of thumb when you have a small balcony is of course to make the most of every square inch. Since you have few ... garden vertically. Of course, not all plants are cultivable this way. But a green wall allows you to save space while limiting the small annoyances frequent when gardening: too full of water, harmful ... To garden vertically, you can turn to supports sold commercially or create your own wall of greenery from a wooden pallet, a diverted gutter or plastic bottles. Another option, you turn to fences or palisades. If they are very practical to protect from vis-à-vis, they also prove to be great supports for climbing plants! However, be careful not to abuse it and cover it with plants so as not to give the feeling of a partitioned space. Finally, think of the planters to hang on the railing to accommodate greenery, giving the illusion of extending the space of your balcony.

Hijacked credenzas welcome some flower pots on the wall

Choose suitable plants

Before you start choosing your plants, check the exposure of your balcony: some are suitable for a balcony in the shade and vice versa. To give the illusion of a larger balcony, orient yourself towards climbing plants that will hang on your screen or your privacy screen. This is the case of honeysuckle, oleander, clematis, geranium, jasmine. Ivy has the advantage of adapting to all types of sunshine but be careful that it does not invade the neighbors' balcony! For your planters, favor drooping plants which will bloom inside the balcony as well as outside and bring the feeling of a large green space. This is the case of lobelia, calibrachoa, petunia or even the ipomea. As for your green wall, which decorates the space without reducing it, it is associated with many plants such as irises or ferns. It also lends itself very well to the cultivation of the vegetable garden: salads, cherry tomatoes and of course herbs are particularly suited to this vegetable garden with small plots. Finally, if the maintenance of the vertical garden makes you a little dizzy, bet on the ease with the succulents which it is enough to put in small pots and which adapt to all situations!

Climbing plants, drooping plants, spices find their place in this urban jungle

Look after the decoration

Do not think that, because your surface is limited, you will have to limit yourself on the decoration side. On the contrary, you will have to take even more care. If you really run out of space, do not give up the dining area but opt ​​for a shelf that hangs from the railing, framed by two folding chairs that you will take out only if necessary. Always with the idea of ​​investing height and injecting style into your balcony, why not have an arch? This strong decorative element will not take up any space and you can hang plants on it. Also play on recuperation for example by using wine boxes as planters or by turning a ladder to create a vertical garden. As for your interior, color can prove to be a precious ally to enlarge your small balcony! For example, to camouflage your ugly concrete floor, prefer grating to the outdoor carpet or synthetic grass. You can then paint them in a light and bright color. Less DIY enthusiasts can also opt for a special concrete color. Again, let yourself be tempted by a rather light shade without being too messy. If you really want to bring bright and invigorating color, like pink, blue or red, do it sparingly, on small decorative objects only: a candle holder, a mini cushion placed on a chair, a pot holder , a hanging lantern ... The contrast obtained will then promote the illusion of a larger space.

Ladders, original decorative elements, practical for your balcony