Lighting: how to choose the right light for your terrace?

Lighting: how to choose the right light for your terrace?

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During the summer period, it becomes more than ever crucial to be able to have an efficient and effective outdoor lighting system to be able to take full advantage of your terrace and spend pleasant moments. Suspensions, wall lights, garlands or recessed spotlights… many solutions exist to illuminate your outdoor space after dark. The editorial staff of decided to take stock of the options available to you!

Wall and pendant lights

Available in different styles and prices, the wall lights are the ideal source of lighting for a terrace. Fixed to the exterior facade of the house or to awning or pergola type structures, they have the particularity of having a large and significant height lighting capacity. To avoid dazzling your guests, however, consider using wall lights with diffusers which will soften the light. And, in case your terrace is covered, you can also think of hanging lights. But if the ceiling height is limited, prefer a ceiling lamp rather than a pendant lamp. Friendly atmosphere guaranteed!

1.Design black outdoor wall lamp, Brilliant, € 35 2.Also mat aluminum wall lamp, Laurie Lumière, € 108.90 3.White outdoor wall lamp, Faro, € 107.62 4.Green Bolleke suspension, Fatboy, € 89 5. Gray aluminum wall lamp, center light, € 62.72

Recessed spots

To save space, highlight the surroundings of the terrace or add a contemporary touch, nothing like spots. You can choose to install them on the ground but also in the middle of your plants to enhance your shrubs. For a small terrace, scatter them randomly so as to obtain a uniform light. Is your outdoor corner long? Instead, put them online! Embedded in this way, they will give the illusion of an even larger space. Otherwise, you can always fall back on the LED strips which will bring softness and give relief to the architectural lines.


Better than spots, terminals! Fixed or free-standing, running on electricity or solar energy, these garden lights indeed make it possible to illuminate the floor of the terrace more significantly than the spots. Note however that they do not offer sufficient lighting for the whole of this space and must be accompanied by other light sources: wall lights, tealight holders, garlands or others.


To bring a guinguette spirit to your terrace, set your sights on garlands of light. Wrapped around a tree branch, fixed against a wall, crossing the space from one end to the other or casually placed on the ground, they will immediately give a festive air to your exterior. In solar or battery version, white or multi-colored, it's up to you! Be careful however to choose a model designed for the exterior which will bring a soft and nuanced light.

Bright decorative objects

In recent years, bright furniture has made a special place on the terrace. Decorative balls, luminescent flower pots, XXL cacti ... bring a frankly contemporary style to the terrace. Spectacular effect guaranteed! Be careful however not to choose only bright furniture at the risk of falling into the lack of taste. Choose two bright balls arranged near your garden furniture or bright flower pots that will highlight your plants.

Street lights

Trend in our interiors, the floor lamps are now displayed outdoors. In a traditional or XXL version, they alone give an "in" touch to the gardens and affirm the originality of a contemporary terrace.

Table lamps and tealight holders

And to fully enjoy the long summer evenings in a sparkling garden, you can always have a few lamps on your table or on the floor. A nice way to spread light on your dining table!


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