What plants for my patio?

What plants for my patio?

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No garden or room, the patio is an in-between. If you have one, you know you are lucky, but you may not know how to make the most of this space, which has its own rules. And if the patio is left fallow, it can quickly turn into an austere and sad place that will not benefit the family. However, it takes little to conceive of it as a green haven of peace. Here are all of our tips for getting there.

What atmosphere for my patio?

First of all, you have to stop on a particular style for your patio. Just like a room in the house, you have to choose the type of atmosphere that inspires you. For the patios, the atmospheres which mix nature and decoration are all indicated. Here are the ones that work best: * Zen atmosphere : like Japanese gardens, you can opt for a minimalist patio with gravel on the ground. You can combine bamboo in pots along the walls to dress and make your patio even more harmonious. Helxine, similar to a foam, will be perfect for adding a touch of green to the soil. Finally, for this type of atmosphere, avoid compartmentalizing your patio to have a clear space. * Jungle ambiance : another solution generally chosen by those who wish to enjoy the luxuriance of nature. A jungle style patio should multiply the different types of plants and levels. You can also compartmentalize your patio to have a “hidden” place for relaxation or meals. Plant side, we put without hesitation on ferns. For flowers, we opt for climbing varieties. The bougainvillea, the giant dahlia or the hibiscus althea are flowers that provide the spectacle and delight the eyes. * Contemporary atmosphere : to finish, the contemporary atmosphere is also very popular for a patio. In this case, the vegetation must be sculptural, graphic and out of the ordinary. The colors will be neutral like the agaves or the hosta (perfect in the shade) but with a particular line. The rare flowers will then be beautiful as if to better reveal the whole garden. We think for example of arums, giant garlic or a dogwood shrub.

What green, what green!

Open or closed patio?

When your choice is made on a particular type of atmosphere, it is obviously necessary to refer to the conditions of exposure of your patio and your region. * If your patio is closed by a glass roof, you can consider this garden as an indoor greenhouse and therefore place heat-loving plants in it. Exotic plants, for example, will do very well in this space, like calathea or dieffenbachia. * For the open patio, the arrangement of plants will be done, just like in a garden, depending on the exposure. In all cases, the patio does not allow maximum sunshine, so we prefer plants and flowers that adapt to the shade as much as possible.

Plants to decorate the patio walls

The patio being surrounded by walls which are often dull, plants can be a good way to dress them. So choose evergreen climbing plants so that the effect lasts all year round. To bring touches of color, we think of clematis or star jasmine, two varieties of plants that adapt to container growing and which will be more decorative than a simple ivy.

We can also divert everyday objects for its containers.

Choose your containers for the patio

The patio is rarely in the open ground, so you need to flower it and revegetate it with suitable containers. Cultivation in pots will also allow you to take in certain plants in winter if you live in an area that may be subject to frost. In this case we opt for containers that are not too heavy. Normally larger than a balcony, the patio can also accommodate large containers. The latter are actually more interesting because the soil dries less quickly and the roots feel better there. The material used for the pots is not very important, it will only have to be chosen according to the desired atmosphere. Just know that the terracotta pots are porous except those glazed. The ideal will be to multiply the different sizes of pots so you will get several levels in your vegetation which will be more pleasing to the eye. Finally, place your pots according to the amount of sunshine necessary for the plant but also according to the circulation on your patio: they should not hinder the comings and goings.

Flower pots for your patio

Like a bouquet of flowers, it is easy to create flower pots for your patio. In all cases, we install a bottom made of clay beads, good quality potting soil and large containers. You can of course combine several plants in the same pot to obtain colorful compositions that are, for example, in harmony with your garden furniture. Finally you can also choose the simplicity with a single plant per pot like begonias or petunias. We will also favor long flowering plants to make the most of them.


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