Landscape advice: a Mediterranean garden

Landscape advice: a Mediterranean garden

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Do you dream of a garden that is beautiful, colorful, fragrant, resistant and easy to maintain? Would you like your garden to take you on a journey and make you feel like you're on vacation all year round? Do not dream anymore and create your Mediterranean garden!

How to arrange a Mediterranean garden?

Southern species are resistant to wind, heat and drought. Most can adapt to the climate of northern France provided that they are exposed due south, be able to take root in well-drained soil and be protected by a winter veil during frost. Low in water consumption, they require little maintenance and are often pleasantly scented. Aromatic plants are also very present in this type of garden: rosemary, thyme, lavender, santolines, sagebrush ... The choice of trees and shrubs is essential: opt for olive trees, Chinese palm trees, oleanders, mimosas or potted lemon trees. Replace the traditional bamboos with canes from Provence (Arundo donax 'Variegata') and plant lavender, hibiscus, pelargoniums… A mineral soil, composed of dry stones, gravel or a mosaic of pebbles, will enhance these varieties. Leaning against the house, an arbor covered with vines creates a shade for lunch. And at nap time, a hammock hidden at the bottom of the garden invites you to laze around ...

Creating a Mediterranean garden: advice from the landscaper

If your land is sloping or if you have the possibility of creating different levels, consider raising dry stone walls to emphasize the Provencal aspect of the garden in the spirit of the restanques.

Mediterranean garden: accessories

The arbor A wrought iron arbor on which climbing plants grow allows you to create a shade during the summer. Depending on your region, choose a Virginia creeper, a fruit vine, a star jasmine or a bougainvillea.

Garden armchairs Here, comfortable garden armchairs replace the deckchairs in an " lounge "very appreciable ...

Terracotta pots In a Mediterranean garden, terracotta pots are essential. Choose jars to create a Provencal dimension or glazed pots for a more Italian atmosphere.


Aromatic and perennial plants Lavender, rosemary, rosemary "Corsican Blue ", thyme, pepper tree (Vitex agnus-castus ), New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax Atropurpureum ), Artemisa Ludoviciana , canes of Provence, bindweed, Convolvulus cneorum ,…

Trees and shrubs European olive, oleander, bougainvillea, agapanthus'Blue Triumphator ', yucca, potted lemon tree, star jasmine, Chinese palm, mimosa…

Budget for a Mediterranean garden

The budget for landscaping a garden depends on several criteria: surface area, site preparation, choice of materials and varieties ... On average, count around € 100 per m² for this type of garden. And don't forget that a dry garden can save a lot of water! Our practical gardening videos


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