Tutorial: transform a guitar into an original shelf

Tutorial: transform a guitar into an original shelf

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When I think of summer, I can't help thinking of the magic moments around a campfire with a guitar! I tried to get into it, but unfortunately the guitar never managed to tame me and vice versa. But rather than enclosing it at the bottom of a closet, I looked for an idea to find it a place of choice in my interior. Today we are going to transform a guitar into a pretty wall shelf!

Equipment :

- A guitar (there are first prizes around 30 € on the Internet); - A pair of scissors ; - A cutter or knife; - Cardboard and glue if you want to create shelves.

Budget: 10 euros Duration: 20 minutes


1. Start by cutting the guitar strings with the scissors. Yes, I agree, it hurts a little, but you have to think of it as recycling!

2. With the cutter, gently scrape one side in order to locate the joint between the molding of the front face and the trunk of the guitar.

3. Once you have located the joint, insert the blade of the scissors or that of a knife to separate the two pieces. I advise you not to hurry and go gently, you will not have a second chance if the trunk is damaged.

4. Once the front panel is completely detached, remove the various residues using the cutter. Here is already a first version if you do not want to add small shelves inside.

5. The easiest way to add shelves is to use very thick cardboard. Cut them to the right size leaving a margin of 0.5 cm, then glue shims just below. You can obviously use wood, it will be more solid, but thick cardboard is fine.

6. To go further and obtain a better finish, cut strips of paper and glue them to the shelves.


And now, you now have a unique shelf! Add a small light garland to remind you of the beautiful summer evenings and some plants. Guaranteed effect!

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