The perfect spring cleaning kit

The perfect spring cleaning kit

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With the warm weather coming, it's time to clear the house. Wash, dust, brick to make your interior shine like a new penny. We take this opportunity to choose products that respect the environment and are good for our health. We have selected the ideal kit for a perfect spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning: stop chemicals

Even if you are well equipped for this great spring cleaning , put detergents, air fresheners and other traditional cleaning products in the basket which, when you look at them, contain polluting substances. Go natural! By choosing ecological products, you will do good to the environment, your health and your wallet.

Opt for natural products to bring spring into your home!

White vinegar

Degreaser, disinfectant, anti-limescale, White vinegar is the most economical solution, in addition to being natural, to tackle dirt effectively. Diluted with water, household vinegar makes it possible to descale your household appliances, but also to clean your windows and mirrors. You can also use it in the toilet, by pouring it on all the surfaces of the bowl, and leaving it to act for half an hour before brushing and flushing. To make it more practical, equip yourself with a spray bottle and, if the odor bothers you, prepare a perfumed version yourself.

From mirrors to saucepans, white vinegar is your first ally for spring cleaning!

Baking soda for the household

It is the unstoppable grandmother's trick to cleaning the different surfaces of the house. By diluting the baking soda with a little hot water, you can clean, using a sponge, the bathtub, shower or sink. Baking soda is also very effective in cleaning the oven with a small amount placed on a damp cloth. Also try it on your carpets and rugs, to sanitize them or clean a stain, by sprinkling a little product, leaving to act for two hours and then vacuuming.

Particular partner of white vinegar, baking soda is useful in every room of the house!

Lemon, the friend of spring cleaning

It has many qualities this citrus! Apart from its nutritional properties, lemon can prove to be a formidable product for the maintenance of the house ... in addition to being ecological and economical! It is a good deodorant, but also an effective disinfectant. Mix lemon juice with a little water, and spray a cloth that you will pass on all the places where you usually put your hands - handles, remote controls, telephone ... It is also effective against light limescale and is a powerful ally with white vinegar when the limestone is more tenacious, and baking soda to unclog pipes.

You had to think about it: lemon to deodorize and disinfect ... and leave a summer smell in the house!

Black soap to make you shine

Diluted in hot water, household black soap, natural and also very inexpensive, is ideal for cleaning floors, parquet or tiles, but also paving in the garden. It also effectively cleans tools and garden furniture.

Black soap is perfect for cleaning floors, parquet or tiles.

Linseed oil

In the closet, dusting sprays, as expensive as they are harmful! To maintain the wood, turn instead to linseed oil, a natural and healthy product for treating parquet, furniture and other worktops. Not only does linseed oil nourish the wood, but it protects it. Ideally, treat your wood twice a year and not only in the spring. If you need to dust your furniture beforehand, mix in a spray bottle, in equal parts, water and glycerin, and impregnate a dry cloth with this ecological mixture.

Linseed oil, a healthy product for cleaning your floors, furniture and worktops.

Essential oils

The house is now clean but you want it to smell good? The essential oils have many assets to deodorize and perfume your interior. For example, pour five drops on a cotton pad and place it at the bottom of your trash can to prevent it from smelling, or use a vacuum cleaner to diffuse a pleasant fragrance throughout the house. You can also pour a few drops in a bowl of water to heat in the microwave to rid your home of a strong fishy smell. These oils can be used all year round as a room fragrance with antiseptic properties. A few drops on small pebbles placed in the toilet, or even poured into a diffuser fill all the rooms with seasonal scents.

For a pleasant and 100% natural fragrance at home, opt for essential oils!


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