Trendy and comfortable bed linen

Trendy and comfortable bed linen

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How to choose your trendy and comfortable bed linen?

Before you fall for a pretty trendy and comfortable bed set, it is essential to remember a few tips for choosing the right bed linen. Especially when you only want one thing: make your bed a real cozy nest! There are therefore some criteria to take into account before making your choice.

  • The quality of bed linen

Comfortable bed linen should be of good quality. Forget the ornaments whose fabric is synthetic. Choose natural materials, which you can choose according to the season and temperatures.

  • The material of the bed linen

The manufacturers of bed linen do not hesitate to offer a wide variety of fabrics and materials which allow to have a trendy but comfortable bed linen. Linen, cotton or even silk are among the materials to be favored, especially for their hypoallergenic properties.

  • The patterns and colors of bed linen

Your bed should be an integral part of the decoration of your bedroom. It is therefore recommended to choose a bed set that fits perfectly into your decor.

  • Know the dimensions of your bed

A piece of advice that we sometimes forget, and which can quickly be annoying if the bed linen is not suitable for the dimensions of the bedding! For a single bed (90x190cm), it is recommended to take a fitted sheet 90x190cm and a duvet cover in 140x190cm. For a double bed (140x200cm), the fitted sheet must be the same size and the duvet cover must be at least 200x200cm.

A comfortable and trendy cotton bedding set

At the same time comfortable, natural and solid, the cotton is one of the preferred materials for bed linen. It allows to have trendy bed linen, with patterns or effects like watercolor or tie & dye.

A comfortable and trendy linen bedding set

Manic people, abstain! Linen is a very trendy natural material, but it has the chic of being easily wrinkled. Your bed is then a real cozy nest but your set will be made of folds.

Linen is an excellent material for your bed linen. It is part of the trend of natural decor. Thanks to its thermoregulatory power, linen can be used for your bedding in summer as well as in winter. It will keep a certain freshness during the summer season and will warm you during the winter period.

Linen ornaments are very trendy, but are most often plain. If you are looking for a fanciful or graphic bedding, you will need to add some printed cushions or a quilt on the bed.

A comfortable and trendy cotton percale bedding set

Do you love printed bed linen? Do you like to change it according to your mood or your desires? So cotton percale bed linen are made for you.

This material is especially privileged for the making of duvet covers. Soft and resistant, they allow you to obtain a cocooning sleep. The cotton percale is also very easy to maintain. You can therefore opt for this material for your bedroom or those of your children.

A comfortable and trendy cotton satin bed set

Satin is always a trend for bed linen, even if it has a bling-bling side that does not appeal to everyone. To have a comfortable but chic bed, choose cotton satin in classic colors like white, black or anthracite gray or pearl gray.

Very flexible, easy to maintain, it is the material of choice for a classic chic room.

Also remember to accessorize your bed!

In addition to the choice of your bed set, you can also come to warm or decorate your bedding using other elements such as throws, quilts, quilts, bolsters or even cushions of different sizes!


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