Dressing room: proof that you can install one in your small bedroom

Dressing room: proof that you can install one in your small bedroom

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Everyone dreams of a wardrobe! Storage for each of your clothes, your nicely aligned shoes, your ties hanging in an orderly fashion ... For that, you would have to move into a larger apartment, do you think? We went to question the Lapeyre experts who showed us that even small rooms are entitled to their dressing room…

What space does it take to install a dressing room?

Even small rooms are entitled to it! It is not because the surface of the room is small that one cannot arrange a dressing there. How to do it ? How much space is needed? We asked Nathalie, Lapeyre carpentry expert, the question: "First of all, you have to determine the space you can give to your future wardrobe". If you do not have a dedicated room, you will have to be resourceful to arrange a dressing room in the room of your choice by optimizing its configuration. Under the eaves, for example, you can use the sloping spaces to create a part of your dressing room. Otherwise, you can also use the corner of a room or use a wall section only. Anyway, Nathalie recalls "that it is recommended to have 4m2 of dressing room for one person. But it is always possible to do with less if the space is perfectly optimized". Better than a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, the custom-made wardrobe must adapt to your space. Do you have roof space? To optimize them to perfection, discover all the Lapeyre solutions for arranging storage under a slope!

An open or closed wardrobe?

In a small space, the question is all the more important. If an open wardrobe seems advantageous - doors require space to be opened completely - it should nevertheless be borne in mind that an unorganized wardrobe quickly gives the feeling of disorder. Result? The room in which the dressing room is located will appear even smaller than it really is. So the open dressing room yes but only for the most organized and the most maniacal among us! What alternative? The dressing room closed by sliding doors. Indeed, these are space saving and allow you to have a slightly less tidy wardrobe - and which will take dust less easily. The icing on the cake, choose mirror doors that will visually enlarge your room. Which closet door to choose? Find all the Lapeyre advice!

A wardrobe that exploits height

Finally, if the square meters are counted, think about your ceiling height! A custom wardrobe will allow you to use these meters that a wardrobe or chest of drawers would have abandoned. Question organization, on your highest shelves, it will be necessary to think of storing in height of the businesses which you use only rarely: ski business in summer, swimsuits and straw hats in winter, etc.

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A wardrobe with optimized storage

Poorly arranged cases take up far more space than tidy affairs. In a small room, you therefore have no choice: you will have to organize your wardrobe as well as possible! Some tips that will change your life: *We sort: start at the beginning, sort through your clothes! Separate yourself from those clothes that no longer fit you, from those bras with stretched elastic bands, from those shoes that hurt your feet. You will see, we breathe after! *We fold our clothes like Marie Kondo: we follow the advice of the pope of storage to fold her clothes. Fold your t-shirts square and store them horizontally, they will take up less space and will be even more visible in the morning! *Drawers and boxes: for underwear and accessories, drawers and boxes allow you to organize yourself better. Think of drawer dividers so that each type of case has its place. *Think of vacuum storage: the secret weapon for storing clothes out of season (those that you will store at the top of your wardrobe)? Vacuum storage! Not only does it protect your belongings from dust and moths, it also saves you considerable volume. Even more storage tips with the advice of Lapeyre specialists!