What games to choose for adults in the garden?

What games to choose for adults in the garden?

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Having a garden in summer is ideal for letting children play outside… Besides, are they the only ones who like to play in the garden? It would be revolting to leave only the thankless tasks to the adults (mowing the lawn, lighting the barbecue, removing the weeds). Today, there are many outdoor games for adults, so enjoy it! Here is our selection to have fun in the garden all summer long ... among grown-ups!

The new skill games for adults

Here are three outdoor games that you will enjoy taking out in the garden! Ideal for unwinding and perfecting your address. * We start with the very popular Mölkky : this bowling game from Finland promises wild parties with family or friends. Each pin touched gives points and of course, the winner is the one who accumulates the most points at the end. * The Kubb comes from Sweden: it's a mix between bowling, iron throwing and chess. It is also called the Viking chess game! With friends or family, it is played on a flat surface (lawn, sand, terrace, etc.), either in one-on-one, or in teams. Each team installs their knights' bowls face to face. The Red King is in the middle. Each team tries to knock down the opposing blocks by throwing a stick. Once all the knights overthrown, the king is killed. The team that makes the king fall to win! * Wooden ring throwing game : each one has the same number of rings in cords to throw on the wooden stakes, and it suffices to count the points collected. Easy to assemble, store, and ideal when the weather is nice!

Fans of the Scandinavian style will easily be charmed by the joys of Kubb!

The B.A.-BA outdoor games for adults

What could be better than playing outside with boules, Mikado or bowling as soon as a little ray of sunshine appears? Games that are certainly classic, but that we like to go out to play outdoors. * Bowls : the game of bowls with a southern accent invites itself into your garden. You will of course need a flat surface! Everyone then throws their pétanque balls aiming at the jack. As a family, there are plastic or fabric balls, and you can spice up the rules by adding a constraint: play with your left hand, on one leg… * The Giant Mikado : the famous precision game also exists in XXL format. The challenge remains the same: collect as many sticks as possible without moving others. For even more fun and laughter! * Bowling : we position the pins, we step back, we throw the ball! Then count the number of bowling pins that have fallen. Provide several handles to spice up the game. Wood, foam or plastic, there are all kinds of skittles, colorful, or chic! Also think of darts, croquet or mini-golf in the garden!

Nothing like a game of croquet after a bucolic lunch in the garden!

Outdoor games for sporty adults

If you have room in your garden, a net is ideal for play volleyball or badminton . You can also install a basketball hoop: for a few tens of euros, you will find very good ones. And even if a real game seems complicated on the grass, have fun with free throws! With even less equipment, speedminton - two rackets and a ball - promises great games under the sun! Kids love trampolines, and they're not the only ones! Especially since they allow you to build muscle while having fun with ample and dynamic rebounds. All the same, plan a budget around 500 €. Cheaper but just as cumbersome, the ping-pong table is the classic timeless classic. It has as much success with the little ones as the big ones, and folded up, it also allows to play alone. And then with the sun and the heat, it is also allowed to steal the water guns of your children / nephews / little neighbors! Enjoy your summer!

Speedminton: two rackets, a ball and the best wins!