5 good reasons to prefer wooden toys

5 good reasons to prefer wooden toys

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Playful, colorful, design and super resistant, wooden toys have it all! Greener and more elegant than plastic toys, they stimulate the imagination of toddlers and decorate the room for a long time. So many good reasons to start by offering wooden toys to your little one before giving in to all plastic sirens!

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A Montessori wooden toy for growing up

Wooden toys keep for a long time

If wooden toys are slightly more expensive than plastic toys, it is also because they have an incomparably longer lifespan. Made of a noble and resistant material, they can be chewed, thrown and handled thousands of times without showing the slightest sign of fatigue. So not only are they not likely to break, much to Loulou's despair, but they also serve the little brother, the little sister, the little cousins ​​... and even later the little children!

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Back to basics with these must-have colorful awakening games

Wooden toys are more beautiful

If wooden toys are coming back to the fore, it is also because manufacturers compete in creativity to invent colorful and innovative toys with a really attractive design. Unlike plastic toys in garish colors, they are just as much fun for parents as for children and are also used to decorate the bedroom. Besides, even when the child is too big to play with his duck or his wooden rocket, it is not uncommon for him to keep him on a shelf for a long time ...

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The wooden train circuit, to play together for years…

Wooden toys stimulate the imagination

But what makes the quality of a toy is above all that it appeals to the child while developing his dexterity! And good news, wooden toys are a huge success with very young children. And strangely, even if they make no noise or light, the children adore them and tell themselves lots of stories by manipulating them. Moreover, it is perhaps by chance that the famous pedagogue Maria Montessori recommended them to stimulate the awakening and fine motor skills of children!

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A wooden dollhouse to tell lots of stories…

Wooden toys are less polluting

By choosing a wooden toy, we also choose to limit the indoor pollution of loulou's room while making a gesture for the planet. Produced from sustainably managed forests and painted with environmentally friendly paints, wooden toys are incomparably healthier than toys made in China with plastics that emit VOCs with a shovel…

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A magnificent mottled rocker horse restored by Globeshoppeuse

Wooden toys accompany children for a long time

All parents know that just because a toy is expensive and the child is clamoring for it will last a long time. Often, once the pleasure of discovery and novelty has passed, the much-desired toy lands in a toy box where it is forgotten, loulou preferring to play with a piece of string or a mini-figurine found in the street… Arrrggghh ! If there is no rule in the matter, it is often the toys that leave the most room for imagination that last the longest. You only have to see the success of the Kapla, these small boards which are used to build entire universes from 2 to 99 years old, to understand that decidedly, wood is much more attractive than you might think!

All Kapla fans!

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