How to arrange a room under the eaves in the bedroom?

How to arrange a room under the eaves in the bedroom?

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The attic, this fiddling with square meters that we would like to use for an office, a games room ... And even a bedroom! And because we prefer to bend over backwards to find ideas rather than going to bed, here is a little inspiration to succeed in your layout.

Low furniture or narrow furniture?

It sounds silly to say, but the more the roof panel is tilted, the more we advise you to opt for low furniture! Because this very inclined section, in addition to pushing the practicable space upright, tends to compact the part and to clutter it visually. Low furniture counterbalances this effect, because clearing the height, offering an empty space, allows the room to breathe and look more spacious. If the pan does not encroach too much on the room, it is possible to play on the height with tall and narrow furniture, as well as curtains to accentuate this impression of height.

When the bedroom is a living room

What to do under the slope? Let's be pragmatic. If we can't stand up, let's choose to create a sitting space! An office, a dressing table, or why not a small living room? To read quietly, chat before sleep, make a call, and just relax.

A space sitting under the slope ... Under the window!

The good part in storage

This is probably the first idea that comes, and it is quite good! Creating storage space under the slope is both profitable space here and freed up elsewhere. And if we take the trouble to talk about this option, it is that storage is a generic word that does not value enough the multiple possibilities: shelves, wardrobe rod, lockers, sliding doors, custom furniture to fit into the slope, or offering a work surface for some decorative objects ... In specific cases where the room is very long, and therefore seems a bit narrow, the storage under the slope can accentuate this corridor effect. Do not panic, this is rather an opportunity to exploit the height on a side wall! Because storage is also a good way to rebalance the proportions of a room.

Cupboards and bookcase, practical and aesthetic storage

Let's be crazy, think parental suite!

The parental suite, we like it with a dressing room. We imagine a whole dedicated corner: a side wall over the entire height, following the slope of the roof, plus some storage under the slope, a nice armchair, a mirror and presto! The dressing room is a dream. But a parental suite, by definition, is above all a bathroom. From there to fantasize about a bathtub under the slope, just below a large velux window, there is only one step to want the priceless: a bath under the stars.

A whole dressing area… The height of comfort!

For or against the bed under the slope?

Obviously it depends on the slope: if you feel like you can kiss the ceiling, it is probably too low for this arrangement. For cases where the option is still possible, it has its advantages: you can easily bypass the bed, create a cocoon feeling, move around without great obstacle in the room, enjoy the view if you have a velux window…

The bed under the slope, to circulate well in space

Charm, charm, charm

Who says roof space, often says beams and seated dog, this beautiful wooden frame, of intertwining, which can say both "tradition" as "modern lines". I tend to prefer them raw, or painted white to gain clarity, but some are happy to paint them and the game is sometimes worth the effort. In any case, the beams remain a charming decorative element (sometimes painful when they are low, of course!) And need to be taken into account in your layout. And if they delimited the spaces, or allowed to hang lights, or even a hammock?

Take advantage of the pretty beams to hang your hanging cocoon!

Light, an essential to create

The attic does not always have sufficient skylights, and lighting is essential to complete the brightness of a room fitted out in this space. Small lighting by zones, rather than a rather rough main lighting, participate in a soft atmosphere, and we do not hesitate to direct a few LED spots towards the beams. The lamp bases will find their place more easily than the suspensions, and the wall lamps are also good accomplices for lighting without occupying too much space. So that the light is ... Welcome to your new space!

Localized lighting for a soft atmosphere